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February 19th, 2007 - Leeds Cathedral

One of the few major cities in England whose Cathedral is Catholic, Leeds Cathedral is a hidden neo-gothic gem in the centre of the city.





The Cathedral recently re-opened after major restoration work in November 2006. The Solemn Mass of Dedication of the Altar was concelebrated by the Bishops of England and Wales in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio. Music was provided by the Cathedral Boys' and Adult choirs alongside the Bradford Boys' Choir. Music included works by Juan García de Salazar (1639-1710) Ludovico da Viadana (1560-1627) and Colin Mawby, former Master of the Music at Westminster Cathedral. In the restored Cathedral, the choirstalls are placed at the East end of the Cathedral, behind the high Altar and Cathedra.

As part of the re-opening celebrations, the Cathedral commissioned two Magnificats from Colin Mawby. Magnificat primi toni is scored for four part choir with divisi, whilst the Magnificat octavi toni is written for two part treble voices. The four part setting received it's premiere at the First Vespers of Dedication in the presence of the composer.

Since the re-opening, choral music can be heard five days a week in the Cathedral. On Monday through Thursday Vespers and Mass are sung, whilst on Sundays both the 9.30am Mass and the 11am Solemn Mass are sung. The Cathedral boys' and girls' choirs each sing an equal number of services each week alongside the Cathedral adult choir. The wide ranging repertoire includes Gregorian chant, 16/17th Century polyphony alongside masterpieces of the twentieth century including Rachmaninov and Vaughan Williams. The choirs regularly broadcast on BBC radio, including some high profile occasions such as Midnight Mass (2005) and Vespers for the Election of Pope Benedict XVI.

If you get the opportunity, it is well worth paying the Cathedral a visit.


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